FSA: Friendly, Simple, Affordable
In many cases, administration fees are offset by employer savings. A remarkable, no cost benefit.

Phillips Resource Network, Inc., recognized for its exceptional customer service administers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), commonly referred to as Section 125 and cafeteria plans, for small to medium sized companies. We pride ourselves in flexible plan design and effective communication to best present this important benefit to employees and employers.

An FSA allows participants to save money on certain medical and daycare expenses. Adoption costs and commuting expenses can also be part of the plan. And the process for saving money is simple. Participants can choose to mail, fax, email scan or submit claims online.  Claims are processed daily and reimbursements are generated as checks or direct deposits. Each participant has a secure log-in account and can check balances, run reports, print forms and submit claims along with supporting documents.

A truly paperless, green process. The Prepaid Benny™ Benefits card is our partner.

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